Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Choices in Parenting and OMG You Guys, Nickel Creek is Back Together!

Nickel Creek's New Album, "A Dotted Line" If you're a parent there will come a time when you have a conflict. Your kid has an event that you need to be at, at the same time you have an event you really want to attend. 99% of the time it's an easy choice in favor of kid because they're your kid and you're only going to get to watch them grow up once. But every once and a while, you have a real conflict. There's something you *really* want to see / do / experience that does not involve kid and you have to make a choice. Hopefully, thankfully, those conflicts don't happen too often. Back in April of 2007 I found out Nickel Creek was going to be playing in Mobile, AL, an easy drive from where I live in NW FLorida. No, not "Nickelback", "Nickel Creek", the alt.bluegrass band, fronted by Chris Thile, one of the most brillian mandolin players and music theory prodigies of our time, and the Watkins siblings, also child musical prodigies who'd torn up the world of bluegrass / country. I loved them. I have every CD. I was going. Until I found out my daughter had an school awards ceremony on the same night. There was no way I was going to be able to miss that, so I choose kid. About a week later I found out that Nickelcreek was breaking up and the Mobile, AL show was one of their last. I was heartbroken. My daughter and I laugh about it now. I (jokingly) blame her for missing it, she mocks (jokingly) how that was the one year she didn't win any thing and I should have gone to the show. In the ensuing years I followed the individual band members' careers, even got to see Chris Thile and his solo band, "The Punch Brothers" when they played at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL in 2011. Last night I got an exhuberant text from my daughter, now a college student with excellent musical taste, telling me that Nickel Creek is back together, has realeased a new album, and is touring. The text contained a link to the NPR "First Listen" with the album tracks. I listened to the album and it is glorious. I had tears it made me so happy. This time, I'm hoping my daughter and I will be able to go together to see the band's opening show in Birmingham. It will be a nice finale to an legendary family story. I choose kid, and now I have a second chance to choose
Nickel Creek: Chris Thile, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins #NickelCreek #ADottedLine #ChrisThile #SaraWatkins #SeanWatkins #altbluegrass

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dallas To Dallas 2014

These are the dark days between college football and Spring
I don't miss football so much when it gets warmer because there's so much to do / occupy my time. August 30 - FSU v. OSU, Cowboy Stadium, Dallas, TX.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Good Cheer Here Holiday Card
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

If you can make up your own heaven, I will die and then be able to dance like this ...

Was searching youtube for Travis Wall's choreography for S.9 SYTYCD's Top Ten Women and found this video of a Master Class he did for a dance school last year. Watch the little girl in the purple tank at :43 and again at 4:14 ; Amazing. From the comments I found out that the dancer is 13 year old Sarah Pippin, New York City Dance America Mini Champion. Searched youtube for more of her videos and found this, but I want you to watch it twice. The first time watch everyone else except Sarah who is in the striped shorts, THEN watch it again and watch Sarah. THIS, my friends, is a born dancer. Holy hellfire she can put some stank on them moves that more mature dancers shy away from. And watch the way she throws herself and her neck through space. Amazing, 'cause see, especially in young dancers there is an element of self preservation that's always in the back of your mind. (Especially when en pointe.) It's scary. You can tend to play it safe, hold it in for fear of slipping falling, injury. Sarah appears to have no fear. She's probably not destined to be a classical ballerina, although she has the fabulous ballet bones (foundation) required for any good dancer, but she's a little slouchy in her shoulders. She's going to be an amazing contemporary dancer. Or even hip hop. Here she is holding her own with a crew of more traditionally gifted hip hop dancers - She's in the all black sweat suit; Mark my words, you're going to see this kid on SYTYCD soon.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party with the Stompers next weekend!! Fulton Street Bar New Orleans -

Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't Get Me Started

Some of the 'outrage' over Joe Paterno's firing leave me so angry I start shaking. "The Library!", "The Religious Center!", The lives he's changed!" "The people he's helped!" "Such a decent man!" - yeah, except when it was TOUGH.

Calling law enforcement when you hear that your former second in command was in your team showers repeatedly thrusting his penis into the rectum of "what looked like a ten year old boy", must have been a tough one.

We can surmise that after he was told that horrible story by McQueary, Paterno at some point told Penn State AD Tim McClusky, because McClusky calls McQueary A WEEK AND A HALF LATER to find out what McQueary had to say.

What did good, decent Joe Pa do in that week and a half when he knew there was a ten year old child rape victim somewhere out there? No one knows, *except* we know what he didn't do - call the authorities. No one at Penn State ever did. No one ever followed up, no ever tried to find that kid - the kid's still an "unknown".

But that's not even really the kicker - now we know that there'd been allegations of this type of behavior BEFORE the 2002 event!

No, sorry, you cannot convince me it was 'unknown' to Paterno and Penn State what Sandusky was doing before the 2002 event - otherwise, why was he let go in 1999? Do you think no one told helluvaniceguy Paterno why they were firing his second in command?

Why the HELL, after hearing such a graphic depiction of child rape, did Paterno not call police just to say, I think I might have some information about a child predator, can you please look into it ...

If he had, there would not be Victim 1, Victim 2 ... and those are the victims the authorities KNOW ABOUT.

It's tough to put everything you've done on the line, to have called into question the empire you built - "The Library!", "The Religious Center!" But it was the right thing to do and he didn't do it. Not only the right thing to do, but it's the LAW in Pennsylvania. Still didn't do it. It doesn't say "Go to your boss." It doesn't say, "If your boss doesn't do anything you're off the hook" - it's all about protecting children ... from people like Sandusky EXACTLY like Sandusky. The Sandusky's of the world are what the law is written for - WHY we have mandatory reporting of child abuse or you are culpable.

I believe all the others who knew and didn't call authorities equally responsible for the non-reporting, but it's the sanctimonious outrage over Paterno that gets me - he doesn't deserve a pass because of "The Library!", "The Religious Center!", "Made a difference in so many lives!", "Such a decent guy!" His actions were just as piss poor as the rest of them.

Even good ol' Joe Pa admits, "In hindsight, I should have done more."

It's the "In hindsight" that gets me. Really tough - that hindsight, isn't it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

...and when she saw what she had done ...

I wish I had an ax murderer for every time someone says "I dunno" when I ask them if they 1) know the name of the person they're coming in for, 2) know which building this person is in, 3) how they made it past third grade.

I see that dazed look gazing at the floor, the blank wall, anywhere except the *DIRECTIONAL SIGNS* all over the damn place, and I grit my teeth, plaster a smile on my face and say, "Can I help you find something?", 'cause that's the kinda person I am - annoyed and insincere if you're an idiot who can't help yourself.

Take today - (please), I see this middleish-aged, nicely dressed guy with an elderly lady, who I correctly assumed was a mother / son duo, and they had the look. I grit and plaster and ask the question. Here's what I get,

"Uh, she's coming to see Ver ...", "Vel ..." something ..., and they said to come to the second floor."

And then, AND THEN, you get the look. The look that says, "You should know exactly who I'm talking about, and you should be able to tell me exactly where I need to go. I'm waiting. I have an appointment to get to ..."

That look.

Upon further questioning, this fully functional appearing person had 1) no idea who his mother is coming to see, other than "Vel ..." or "Ver ..." , "or something ...", and 2) admitted that the office's receptionist had 'given him directions', that he, "didn't pay much attention to .."

So now it becomes my job to figure out who "Vel ...","Ver...", "or something", is and where his office is in the myriad of buildings and offices.

I guess he thought it was going to be like in the airport - when you're rich enough or famous enough to have some guy in a cap and uniform standing at the front door with a sign that has your name on it, who steps forward and says, "Hey! There you are! We've been waiting for you! Step right this way!"

Wouldn't that be great for all of us!

But it ain't like that. Instead I'll keep grittin' and plasterin' and wishing for Lizzie Borden to come sprinting around the corner -